Enabled by its silicon chip technology, our ultra-fast PCR COVID-19 test combines the speed of a rapid antigen test with the performance of trusted PCR-based testing.

Our COVID-19 test is not yet commercially available.

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need for fast and accurate diagnostics, available where they are most needed.

The Problem

Despite the progress in global vaccination programs, it will still take quite some time before herd immunity will be achieved worldwide, and ongoing virus mutations and new variants pose major challenges to the vaccination process.

As we approach the next phase of the pandemic and life begins to return to normal, there is a clear need to implement effective tests that can be performed at airports, offices, schools, events and local healthcare settings. This will enable social, business and other activities to restart whilst monitoring closely for outbreaks of new variants.

It is widely acknowledged that the use of the polymerase chain reaction method (qPCR) produces the most accurate diagnostic tests. However, it can take anywhere from several hours to several days to produce a result. Rapid diagnostic tests can produce results much more swiftly, but often have limited accuracy.

The Solution

miDiagnostics is developing a unique solution: an ultra-fast COVID-19 PCR test that will take 15 minutes from sample to result.

The Solution

The test has the potential to achieve an excellent accuracy at a speed 20 times faster than ‘classic’ lab-based PCR tests.*

This rapid COVID-19 PCR test is based on a highly innovative diagnostics platform, originally designed by imec in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, and further optimized and developed by miDiagnostics. The test combines the accuracy of central, lab-based PCR testing with the speed of a rapid diagnostic test. A nasopharyngeal swab sample is loaded on a small testcard that contains a PCR chip, from which the results are analyzed by a compact reader.

Testing can be easily scaled up with the combination of multiple readers, because of the short turnaround time of 15 min, enabling simultaneous high throughput in many decentralized settings where highly accurate testing is desired, including at airports, offices, schools, events or any other local healthcare setting.

Our COVID-19 test is not yet commercially available.

Beyond COVID-19, the platform has the potential to be reconfigured for diagnosing other infectious diseases, as needed.

*Qing Cai et al. Ultra-fast, sensitive and quantitative on-chip detection of group B streptococci in clinical samples, Talanta, Volume 192, 2019, Pages 220-225
Key Benefits

We are evaluating a new PCR test that could be ready in 15 minutes. 

Take part in this study to make it a reality.

COVID-19 Airport Study

Key Benefits


Silicon chip technology allowing for ultra-fast PCR


Built-in controls ensure the highest quality result


<15 minutes turnaround time


Proven sensitivity equal to reference lab-based PCR



PCR designs cover variants of concern


Both testcard (disposable) and reader are highly scalable


Easy menu expansion for other infectious diseases (e.g. Flu, RSV)


Optimized to reduce hands-on time and enabling high throughput

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