Near-Patient Diagnostic Solutions
miDiagnostics is developing a comprehensive menu of syndromic tests for screening, diagnosis and monitoring of a wide range of health conditions.
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miDiagnostics is developing a unique solution: an ultra-fast COVID-19 PCR test that will take 15 minutes from sample to result.

COVID-19 PCR test

Silicon-based innovations.

nanoFluidic Processor & ultra-fast silicon PCR chip.

miDiagnostics is revolutionizing diagnostics by reinventing high precision liquid control.

This is enabled by our precision engineered nanoFluidic Processor (nFP), which is the heart of our approach and is also the basis for our second innovation: an ultra-fast silicon PCR chip, which amplifies the genetic code to help identify viruses and bacteria.

This disruptive technology enables miDiagnostics to offer high-precision, fast testing at a low cost via a specially designed test-card. We aim to disrupt the traditional diagnostics industry in the same way microprocessors changed electronics, from mainframe computers to portable tablets.


Fast, accurate, portable and economical.

miDiagnostics is developing full panel testing, which analyzes for multiple biomarkers simultaneously, and would enable the screening, diagnosis and monitoring of a wide range of health conditions.

Our portable testcard and reader empowers healthcare workers and patients to make informed decisions on the spot.

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Test. Anywhere.

miDiagnostics wants to bring miniaturized, rapid, easy-to-use, lab-quality tests with built in connectivity direct to the patient and clinician.

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The Concept

Simple. Fast. Accurate.

Silicon Chip

Passive liquid processing
Ultra-fast PCR
Micro-channel network with nanometer precision

Test Card

Single use
Embedded with silicon chip
Small sample size required


Multiple use
Connectivity with patient medical records
Processing & computation

Personal Device

Wireless Connection to:
Desktop & laptop
Tablet & mobile phone


Data security

Results in minutes.

Our proprietary nano-fluidic processor on a chip and reader require a low volume sample and no external instruments to enable full panel testing in under 15 minutes, with lab-quality sensitivity and specificity.

Empowering healthcare workers to rapidly diagnose and make treatment decisions.

Easy-to-use and cost-efficient tests will revolutionize point-of-care testing.


Diagnostic testing still relies on sending samples to centralized laboratories, with multiple tests needed to diagnose a patient’s illness.

This means there is often a delay in receiving results and in initiating the correct treatment or referral. Current alternatives either focus on speed, at the expense of accuracy, or focus on accuracy, but are not portable or economical.

miDiagnostics is developing cost-effective products to fill this gap – combining accuracy, convenience and speed with full panel, syndromic tests which identify the underlying cause of a condition.

Our proprietary reader and nano-fluidic processor on a chip require only a small sample volume and no complex instrumentation. The sample is drawn through the test card using capillary forces and requires no pump or power.

In under 15 minutes, the results are transmitted from the reader to a connected device, such as a mobile phone, with lab-quality sensitivity and specificity at the point of care.

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