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miDiagnostics is developing a comprehensive menu for screening, diagnosis and monitoring of wide range of health conditions.
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miDiagnostics offers an ultra-fast RT-qPCR SARS-CoV-2 test that combines the accuracy of a central, lab-based PCR test with the speed of an antigen test. 


Test. Anywhere.

miDiagnostics’ mission is to take accurate diagnostics out of the centralized setting, much closer to the point of need.

The Concept

Simple. Fast. Accurate.

Silicon Chip

Passive liquid processing
Ultra-fast PCR
Micro-channel network with nanometer precision

Test Card

Compatible with different
sample types
QR barcode reader
for tracebility
Single use
Embedded with silicon chip
Small sample size required


Multiple use
Thermal and optical
processing capabilities 
Small footprint – mobile 

User Interface

Modular build-up  
Compatible with different end-user interfaces


Data security

Silicon-based Innovations.

nanoFluidic Processor & ultra-fast silicon PCR chip.

miDiagnostics is revolutionizing diagnostics by reinventing high precision liquid control and ultra-fast PCR.

This is enabled by silicon chip technology, which is at the heart of our approach. It allows high precision liquid control and ultra-fast PCR.

This disruptive technology enables miDiagnostics to offer high-precision, fast testing at a low cost via a specially designed test-card. We aim to disrupt the traditional diagnostics industry in the same way microprocessors changed electronics, from mainframe computers to portable tablets.


miDiagnostics is developing a molecular diagnostics pipeline, using its ultra-fast PCR technology for the detection of SARS-CoV-2.

With menu expansion possibilities towards other respiratory indications, sexual transmitted diseases and any other molecular test that could merit the benefits of decentralization, diagnostic accuracy, and ease of use. In parallel, portable cellular diagnostic devices are being developed, which could ultimately be used in the home setting (i.e., complete blood count monitoring). These include a nanofluidic processor for blood sample preparation and lens-free imaging for cell counting and characterization

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Results in minutes.

Our proprietary silicon chip and reader enables a sample to result In under 30 minutes without compromising on accuracy.

Diagnostic testing still relies on sending samples to centralized laboratories, often leading to a delay in receiving results and incorrect or inefficient patient management. 

Current alternatives either focus on speed, at the expense of accuracy, or focus on accuracy, but are not easy-to-use and fast enough to deliver a result in a decentralised setting.

miDiagnostics is developing innovative products to fill this gap – combining accuracy, convenience and speed.

Our proprietary reader and test card with silicon chip requires only a small sample, which is drawn through the test card using capillary forces and requires no pump or power.

The reader allows for ultra-fast PCR and the results with lab-quality sensitivity and specificity are visualized on a connected device in a user-friendly user interface

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