Our Technology

An outstanding characteristic of silicon micromachining is the precise control of features at the sub-micron level. We take advantage of this property to create disposable test strips that have the quality and accuracy of lab-based tests.
Cameras and chip processors built in our smartphones currently exist of billions of transistors. We apply the power of massive parallelization and miniaturization to microfluidics: many fluidic handling steps occur in parallel at a very small scale resulting in very fast turnaround times.
A key strength of semiconductor technologies is the diversity of chips that can be produced on a single manufacturing platform. This level of mass customization is still unprecedented in high-volume manufacturing industries. We have designed various chips that fit on the same platform for applications in cytology, molecular diagnostics, clinical chemistry and immunoassays, or a combination of these.

Our Products

We are building a complete blood
count test device.

A complete blood count, or CBC, is one of the most frequently ordered tests by doctors and specialists. We have identified several use cases where there is a high medical and clinical need for a rapid (< 10 min) complete blood count with 3-part differential.

In addition to the disposable test strip, we are utilizing a lens-free imaging system embedded in a compact bench-top adapter to count every single blood cell. Lens-free imaging obviates the need for complex optics and as a result, the adaptor can be offered at a very attractive price.


The Concept


Single use
Contains Si chip
Analyzes a blood drop


Multiple use
Reads the chip
Connects via USB cable

Personal Device

User interface
Tablet/mobile phone


Processing & computation
HIS connectivity

Less than 10 minutes to results

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Our Team

Nicolas Vergauwe
Christophe Van Vaeck
Oliver Davies
VP Product Development
Olivier Anki
VP Quality & Regulatory Affairs
Leander Van Neste
VP Scientific & Clinical Affairs
Board of directors
Rudi Pauwels
Chairman and serial entrepreneur
Luc Van den hove
CEO, imec
Marc Coucke
Serial entrepreneur
Michel Akkermans
Serial entrepreneur
Roald Borré
Head of Equity Investments, PMV
Ralph H. Hruban
Director of the Pathology dept., Johns Hopkins University
Pieter Bourgeois
Investment Manager, Alychlo
David Dessers
Managing Partner, Cresco Secretary to the board

Career Opportunities

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