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miDiagnostics is focused on the development of two key diagnostic testing products with a huge range of applications. Both products are based on our core nanoFluidic Processor technology but use different methods to analyze samples.
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Complete Blood Count

miDiagnostics’ Complete Blood Count (CBC) product in development analyzes various cellular components in the blood to diagnose and monitor a wide range of health issues.

The CBC product relies on lens-free imaging (LFI) technology, an advanced microscopy technique which creates holograms by passing light through a sample. It is particularly robust and compact due to the lack of lenses in the instrument, which means it has no service and maintenance requirements. These images are then processed using Artifical Intelligence expertise from NVIDIA, which harnesses machine learning to define and reconstruct images of individual cells.

The company plans to develop a wide range of clinical tests.
Potential applications
Cancer patient
Differentiation of viral
versus bacterial infections
Diagnosing various
haematological conditions

Molecular Diagnostic

Also in development is a Molecular Diagnostic (MolDx) product, which is able to simultaneously analyze a sample for multiple pathogens. miDiagnostics’ approach enables more comprehensive syndromic testing, using ‘massive’ multiplex tests.

Samples are analyzed using a polymerase chain reaction method (qPCR) which can identify the presence of a virus, bacteria or other pathogens.

Its principal application will be for infectious diseases, providing a portable, lab-quality point-of-care solution.

Potential applications
Tropical fever
Respiratory infections
Blood-borne infections


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