Dominic Dauwe joins the miDiagnostics team as COO

Leuven, Belgium, 01 May 2023 

miDiagnostics, a fast-growing POC diagnostics company backed by Belgian Family Offices, announces today that Dominic Dauwe, a seasoned pharmaceutical and biotech executive, will join its leadership team as Chief Operations Officer on 1 May 2023.

Dominic Dauwe joins the miDiagnostics team as COO in May 2023. He brings over 25 years’ experience in general management, strategy implementation, engineering, quality and operations management from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Dominic has worked in various roles with increasing responsibilities with companies such as Zoetis, MSD and the Johnson & Johnson family of companies Janssen Pharmaceutica and Cilag. As a senior leader, he has led several new product launches, investment projects and strategic network consolidations. He has been pivotal in multiple quality, supply and operations remediation programs with a focus on building a reliable and predictable value chain.

Dominic is a graduated Pharmacist who holds a MSc in Industrial Pharmacy from the Free University of Brussels and is a certified Qualified Person.

“I am very excited about the cutting-edge technology of miDiagnostics that outperforms competitors in speed, sensitivity and affordability. It has the potential to transform healthcare by installing diagnostics testing at point of care for a multitude of diseases, so that patients can receive personalized treatment quickly and efficiently. As COO, I am committed to grow, scale and improve our business based on my experience in the biotech industry,”

said Dominic Dauwe.

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Dominic Dauwe
Chief Operations Officer



miDiagnostics is using silicon chip technology which will bring miniaturized, rapid, easy-to-use, lab-quality tests direct to the patient and clinician. Combining a nanofluidic processor on a chip and a compact reader, miDiagnostics can measure virtually any biomarker from a minimally invasive sample such as drops of fingerstick blood or swabs. The Company is developing an extensive portfolio of tests for screening, diagnosis and monitoring of a wide range of health conditions, including infectious diseases.
Spun out of the world-leading R&D and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, imec, and a research collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, the leading US research and medical centre, miDiagnostics’ goal is to enable fast, comprehensive and cost-effective health analysis, regardless of location. Based in Leuven, Belgium, miDiagnostics is a privately held company created in 2015.
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