Clinical Samples

miDiagnostics is performing research on new diagnostic methods for COVID-19 and respiratory infections.

To support this research, archived clinical samples will be used that were previously collected in clinical studies conducted by miDiagnostics (studies CODI-1 and CODI-2). Only samples of persons that have consented to the use of their samples for future research will be used to develop this multiplex assay. The appropriate measures to protect the identity, rights and freedoms of the respective persons have been taken.

If you did participate in the CODI-1 or CODI-2 study and you no longer want your data or donated samples to be used, please contact the investigator mentioned in the informed consent form you signed when you consented to participate in the study. The investigator will then communicate your decision to miDiagnostics and your data and donated samples will no longer be used in this research.